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Eagles Release DeSean Jackson

Let's go ahead and put a damper on the Jackson-to-Patriots talk right now.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Nope. No way. Not happening.Never in a million years. Don't even think about it.

The Eagles released extremely talented but extremely finicky receiver DeSean Jackson today, citing a number of reasons for doing so. One of those reasons, other than his big cap hit and erratic personality, was his suspected gang connections and history of seedy activity off the field.

Jackson is one of the fastest players in the league, a pure deep threat who can also return punts and can completely open up the rest of the field with a simple go route. He doesn't have the most comprehensive route tree and is often reluctant to go over the middle, but his skillset makes him a potential game changer with home run potential - and the kind of player that the Patriots don't currently have on their roster.

That said -  there's absolutely no way that New England signs this guy. You can't deny Jackson's talent and speed, but after last year's Hernandez debacle, the Patriots would be absolutely insane to even think about bringing him in. We're already had one gangster moron almost ruin this franchise, and one is more than enough for any of us.

Furthermore, his perceived gang-related activities aside, Jackson is going to want diva money to go along with his diva personality, and New England neither has that kind of cash to throw around nor will they spend it on a fairly well rounded out position in hopes that Jackson will come in and get his act together. I'm sure there are going to be those out there who want DeSean to be Bill Belichick's latest rehab project, but I for one hope the team stays away. Far, far away.

Of course, this is the Patriots, and so nobody knows what's going to happen; I can't in good conscience truly say that there is zero chance that the team brings him in, because Belichick is an unpredictable guy. There's always the chance that Jackson now needs to get his reputation back and wants to restore his good name and takes a smaller deal with all kinds of out clauses all that. But given the Aaron Hernandez situation alone, I would be nothing short of completely floored if Jackson's name was tied to the Patriots in any way. I say send him to Oakland and be done with it.