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Patriots and Wilfork should follow Steelers and Polamalu

The Patriots have no excuse for not getting a deal with Vince Wilfork completed.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

While PITT needs cap space, it will not release S Troy Polamalu, per source. Rooney family is too loyal and Polamalu has been too valuable.

-Adam Schefter

Steelers signed SS Troy Polamalu to a two-year contract extension through 2016. Polamalu was previously scheduled to earn an $8.25 million base salary in 2014 and count over $10.8 million against the cap. Both numbers will be reduced.


The blueprint is out and the path is clear. The Patriots have to extend nose tackle Vince Wilfork. They can offer a two year extension at a reduced rate, guaranteeing this season's money, and spread his enormous cap hit over the next few years.

And this isn't just directed at the Patriots. Polamalu took this deal having played every game last season. He's in a much better place to negotiate than the recovering Wilfork. Wilfork needs to accept the deal when offered.

The Steelers have the worst cap situation in the entire league and have been able to work with their veterans to field a competitive team. The players don't owe the team anything to offer a reduced cap, nor the team anything to the players and their inflated salaries.

But the Patriots have the potential to do something special next season and that involves a captain and a leader on the team receiving an extension. With the Steelers and Polamalu coming to an agreement, there's now no excuse.