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Bill Belichick and How Scouts Should Grade

Phil Savage used to work with Bill Belichick in Cleveland and had some interesting insight on how draft boards are built.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

For those unfamiliar with Phil Savage, he followed the Nick Caserio route under Bill Belichick in Cleveland. Initially hired as a defensive assistant, Savage made the move to the scouting team and had a strong run with the franchise. He stuck through the transition to Baltimore and helped them win their Super Bowl.

So as a branch of the Belichick tree, it's always interesting to read their input. Belichick has admitted a strong influence by coaching great Bill Walsh so to see Savage place their connection on a scouting level is always interesting.

Savage isn't really presenting anything new so much as he's just posting a reminder for the draft season: Players aren't given first or second round grades. They're given projections in the NFL and teams will pick them according to their expected impact.

Most of this rings true. So when Belichick takes his head-scratcher in the second round, know it's because the team projects that player as a potential starter.

And that's what the draft is all about. Finding potential.