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Jaguars Sign Red Bryant

Red Bryant, a player that was listed as a potential fit for New England, has signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

And once again, the New England Patriots miss out on Red Bryant.

According to, the former Seahawks defensive lineman has inked a four year deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars. The move reunites him with his former defensive coordinator Gus Bryant and gives the Jags some much needed help along the front line. The move makes sense in a lot of ways, as players and former coaches seek each other out all the time, and the Jags are sorely lacking talent pretty much everywhere.

Bryant's name was heavily connected with the Patriots the last time he became a free agent, and there was plenty of talk of New England making a play for him this time around as well. However, it looks like once again he will be taking his talents elsewhere, leaving the Patriots to find another player to provide some depth to a fairly thin position.

I don't know if Bryant was ever really on New England's radar at any point over the past few weeks, or whether or not the apparent reluctance from Vince Wilfork's camp to restructure his contract has anything to do with him going over to Jacksonville - and most likely never will. However, the good news is that there are several other defensive linemen still available, such as Jared Allen, Michael Johnson, BJ Raji, and Paul Soliai among them, so if New England wants to purse one via free agency, they still have several opportunities to do so.