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Ryan Wendell's Contract Much Cheaper than Reported

Some clarity on April Fool's day? Ryan Wendell's contract shrinks in size.

Timothy T. Ludwig-US PRESSWIRE

This April Fool's joke might not go over well in Ryan Wendell's household.

But the deal that was initially reported by the Players Association as two years with a maximum value of $8.15 million was grossly overreported.

Wendell was reported with a $2 million roster bonus in each season, which is astronomical compared to the rest of the roster. As Field Yates reported, only Sebastian Vollmer and Brandon Browner receive more guaranteed money for being on the roster.

So with what was more-than-likely an informed report, Yates surmised that Wendell more-than-likely received $200k for being on the roster, not $2 million.

This vast difference of $1.8 million per season shrinks Wendell's contract to a maximum of $4.55 million, which is more than fair. The money isn't that of an elite starter, but enough for a player expected to compete for the spot, or be the first one off the bench.

ESPN breaks down his contract details here.