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Bon Jovi Shot Through Bill Belichick's Heart

Another former Bill Belichick confidant is about to turn heel on our garrumphable head coach.


First, Drew Bledsoe went to Buffalo.

Then Lawyer Milloy.

This past off-season, long time coach Pepper Johnson made the move.

I don't know if this is all retribution for Doug Flutie, but this next move could be considered the most important migration of Patriots talent in recent memory.

Bill Belichick's best friend, Bon Jovi, is expected to be part of the ownership group looking to purchase the division rival Buffalo Bills.

I'll give you a moment to let that sink in.

The oft-seen member of Robert Kraft's box office, the frequent attendee to Patriots off-season workouts, the author and singer of the stadium song that blares after every Patriots touchdown... shipping up to Buffalo?

How can we take this? This has to overturn every move the Patriots have made this off-season, right?

Bon Jovi is turning Fredo and using everything that he's used from Belichick and Kraft to lead a division rival, where Pepper Johnson could have a tremendous impact. This can't be real.

And before you scoff, note that Bon Jovi has already been an owner of the 2008 Arena Football League Champion Philadelphia Soul. He means business.

I can only take solace that this might just be a masterstroke in the greatest conspiracy theory in the National Football League.