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Curran: Patriots to Sign S Pat Chung

The Patriots are bringing him back? I actually like this move.


According to Tom Curran of CSNNE, the Patriots are bringing safety Pat Chung back into the fold.

This might come as a bit of a shock since Chung left during the last off-season and signed a big contract with the Eagles under his college coach, Chip Kelly. Chung flamed out in his role and was released back on the streets.

It looks like he's coming back and I actually really, really like this move.

Hear me out: he knows the system. He was promising at one point in time. He was forced to play out of position in his final seasons with the Patriots due to the distinct lack of free safety (they made him cover the sidelines instead of stay in the box). He wasn't able to do it and the Patriots let him walk.

Everything has changed and I totally love this.

The Patriots have Devin McCourty hawking the deep half of the field, which would allow Chung to reassume his more natural role of in-the-box strong safety- the role where he looking like a potential star. The team is also looking to play a more physical style in their secondary, where Chung is more suited than Duron Harmon.

And speaking of Harmon, it's not like Chung has been handed the starting spot (even though I think he could fare well as a starter). Having Chung and Harmon provides insurance in case of injury and in case of match-up.

It will be interesting to see the deal to determine whether he's viewed as a camp body or as an integral piece of the defense.