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Willie McGinest to Announce Patriots 2nd Round Pick

The league has former players announce team's second round picks. I'm guessing Willie gets a workout.


The league has released its roster for second round pick announcements. Legends like Aeneas Williams, Andre Reed, Walter Jones, and Derrick Brooks are making appearances, as are more recent contemporaries like Marvin Harrison and Brad Meester.

The Patriots' second round pick (picks? Yeah. Picks.) will be announced by Willie McGinest, who was selected 4th overall by New England 20 drafts ago.

McGinest joins the likes of Kevin Faulk and Joe Andruzzi as past Patriots to present at the podium.

I expect McGinest to be active as the Patriots have historically padded their draft class in the second round. The Patriots have needs at defensive end, tight end, and interior line, all of which will still have top tier players still available in the second round.

Although I wouldn't be surprised if the Patriots use the pick on McGinest himself- I'm sure he could still strap up and play just as well as Andre Carter.