Can you beat Belichick? 2014 Edition

So the 2014 draft is now in the books, and I am sure that the C- and D+ grades are now being poured out on the Patriots draft effort, by the infallible media horde as I type. While if the Pulpit is any indication, there are bars all across New England full of people drinking away their draft sorrows, lamenting missing out on the future HOFer who we could have had with our 6th round pick.

But no matter whether you have taken the Chicken Little option, or the makes some sense option, or anywhere inbetween, I expect everyone has a different way that they wish things had gone.

The Proposal:

So I propose an annual tradition - We try and beat Bill and the team. Let's say who we'd have taken and where. Let's see if we really should replace him as GM, or if our guys will suck just as hard as Tavon Wilson.

Now sure this isn't perfect, for a start we get the benefit of hindsight knowing where each guy would last too, whereas BB and co have to react to things as they happen and plan ahead. But then again, we don't get to interview and view medical records on guys. Also just because guys might end up succeeding or failing elsewhere, we don't know how they would have done here.

Still, now we know the process isn't perfect, who is prepared to engrave their choices permanently into the information superhighway? So that this time next year, and the year after and so on, we can come back and evaluate, how much better we would have done than Bill.

The Rules:

I propose the following:

  1. You can only select someone if they're still available - duh! Check the Wikipedia page for details about where everyone was taken.
  2. You can choose whether you make the Patriots trade or not, as long as you don't use picks for both a player and a trade.
  3. You can't propose trades that didn't happen.
  4. If you change a pick, the guy we took is still off the board.
  5. You can't sign UDFAs - as there is no realistic way to simulate that.

The Format:

Copy and paste this into a new comment, and change the players to show who you would have taken and where.

Round 1, Pick 29: Dominique Easley, DL, Florida

Round 2, Pick 62: Jimmy Garoppolo, QB, Eastern Illinois

Round 3, Pick 93: Trade for Pick Round 4, 105 and Round 6, Pick 179

Round 4, Pick 105: Brian Stork, C, Florida State

Round 4, Pick 130: James White, RB, Wisconsin

Round 4, Pick 140: Cameron Fleming, OT, Stanford

Round 6, Pick 179: Jon Halapio, G, Florida

Round 6, Pick 198: Zach Moore, DE, Concordia St. Paul

Round 6, Pick 206: Jemea Thomas, DB, Georgia Tech

Round 7, Pick 244: Jeremy Gallon, WR, Michigan

For clarity can I ask that you leave any explanation for your picks as a reply to your comment. This will make it easier to see what everyone would have done, and we can debate them in the replies.

The Plan:

I will then review them a couple of times during the year, and future years, possibly with some grading involved, and we can truly see who here really knows their stuff, and who could only get a job in the Jets front office.

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