Instant Draft Reactions, Offseason Assessment, and the Inaugural Foresight Draft!

Ok right off the bat not a fan of this draft. It takes 3 to 4 years to fairly judge a draft class, but as it stands right now, I thought Bill Belicheck did a very poor job of helping the current roster win now, as empty of a statement as that is. A lot of pats fans share some of my sentiments and are disappointed with this draft. some feel otherwise and think we did a pretty good job of building towards the future both long term and short term. Most here at Pats Pulpit though are okay with the draft although there is a little more dissent than usual.

Just to give a quick overview of what happened,

Going in, the team didn't have too many glaring needs but #2 TE, and Pass Rusher were clear must draft positions for the pats . Instead of trading down they addressed the latter in the 1st round, with often injured Dominique Easley. Some fans were put off by pick (including myself), but most were okay with it, seeing the tremendous upside Easley had as an interior rusher.

And then at the bottom of the 2nd we draft Jimmy Garoppolo, a Division 1-A QB, and most fans went crazy. Very few people liked the pick initially (including myself). Some worked up to it, but most still dislike the pick.

After that we start to address the O-line by picking a center, Bryan Stork slated to go undrafted in the 4th round. Followed by a reliable, 3-down low ceiling RB (James White), two big bruising offensive lineman, Markell Carter long lost brother and Malcom Williams 2.0. And some slot guy from Michigan

The pats still aren't done signing UDFAs or last minute Free Agents, but heading into the 2014 season the New England Patriots still have needs at TE and LB to go along with holes at WR, SS. They did address Offensive Line (at least thru sheer volume) and RB, and did draft Mallet replacement, so you can't say they did nothing in the draft, but you can't help but feel like we left some opportunities pass us by.

Now I'm no NFL GM, but let's face it, that never stopped anyone from criticizing someone's drafting and using hindsight to say who we SHOULD HAVE DRAFTED, which is incredibly easy b/c hindsight is 20/20. So since I admittedly think BB's latest draft effort is a piece of crap, I'm going to do something a little different. I'm going to have a re-draft RIGHT NOW! That's right, I'm going to pick players I felt were better picks at that spot WITHOUT THE HELP OF HINDSIGHT! And I challenge anyone who doesn't like this draft to do the same, and leave your picks in the comment section. So in 2 or 3 years we can know exactly who called it right. Anyway without further ado, here I go

At Pick #29

"Instead of getting" : Dominique Easley

"We should have got" : Stephon Tuitt

At Pick #62

"Instead of getting" : Jimmy Garoppolo

"We should have got" : Gabe Jackson

At Pick #105

"Instead of getting" : Bryan Stork

"We should have got" : Devin Street

At Pick #130

"Instead of getting" : James White

"We should have got" : Telvin Smith

At Pick #140

"Instead of getting" : Cameron Fleming

"We should have got" : Storm Johnson

At Pick #179

"Instead of getting" : Jon Halapio

"We should have got": Dion Bailey

At Pick #198

"Instead of getting" : Zach Moore

"We should have got" : Laurent Duvernay-Tardi

At Pick #206

"Instead of getting" : Jemea Thomas

"We should have got" : Louchiez Purifoy

At Pick #244

"Instead of getting" : Jeremy Gallon

"We should have got" : Hakeem Smith

EDIT: Freemantor has already made a similar fanpost. Here is the link

Feel free to post your foresight draft here or there. I'll probably be posting other people's picks onto here anyway. And don't

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