Why this was a great draft

I actually love this draft and here is why, and also why all those who do not, are not viewing this through the proper lenses.

Lets start with the view of this draft in order to assess this draft correctly. The Texans likely had the most immediately impactful draft and maybe long term the best overall, why? Because they were the WORST team in the NFL last year, had holes throughout the roster and had the most draft capital of any team. Who should have the worst drafts? The Seahawks, the Broncos, the Patriots because these teams pick at the end of the rounds and have the least draft capital.

Furthermore, a lot of people are complaining that needs are not being filled and that the players drafted MIGHT not have immediate impact for the team to win a SB this coming season. Of the two teams in the SB, what rookies were deeply impactful in their teams reaching the SB? 3 of the Bronco’s draft picks were placed on IR or waived while Dysert I don’t think saw the active game-day 48. Monte Ball was decent but the difference between SB and losing to NE- I don’t think so. Seahawks- maybe if you count the trade for Percy Harvin there was impact, but it wasn’t from whom they actually drafted.

Finally if you are drafting for need you have needs which means that you do not have a strong roster, when you look at what everyone says the Patriots need, they are almost exclusively depth and thus they don’t fit the traditional need- a position without a legitimate NFL starter. The only hole I would see might be C/RG if you consider that the positional production last year was not good. I hear we need a backup for the best TE in the NFL yet we don’t need a backup for the best QB in the NFL. We also need backups at DT, C, RG, LB, DE and others. I would love to have 8 starter quality linemen on both the O and D line but this may not be possible with a salary cap and if it occurs it won’t last forever because of the aforementioned salary cap.

OK so on to why I like this draft:

I have said to the wife (who doesn’t listen or care) that I would be fine if the entire draft was OL and DL because this is where the Patriots always seem to draft good talent. This draft was almost this as they went DL, QB, OL, OL, OL. I love this because they draft along the line well and I believe there will be good competition in the interior of the OL setting up the ability to cut Mankins after the season to free up necessary money to extend McCourty. Might even keep OK to cut Connelly and his cap hit this year.

I liked the first pick because I think the pick represented the best value, there are issues with the knees but if it pans out this is the most immediately impactful player for Brady’s tenure. The same people complaining about going all in complain about this pick maybe being a flash and then nothing, this is exactly what you claim you want drafted. The only player I think would be immediately impactful whom the Patriots had highly rated (like Chandler and Hightower 2 years ago) was Dennard and I think they probably feel CB is fine and they would have to give up too much for this.

The second pick as a QB I am ok with because for the next 4 years with Brady you have the QB position set and this sets in stone the most position on the team. You also have a set schedule for the cap hit from the position and can therefore remove this from the equation and manage the cap with minimal impact from the position too many franchises ruin themselves cap wise.

All the OL picks are being shredded but if there is a place to "Trust in BB" it is with OL. I remember how the Patriots reached for Mankins and Solder, drafted a sick guy in Marcus Cannon- didn’t help that first year and surely cost them the playoffs that year (sarcasm).

In conclusion if you do not know that the Patriots draft for the future and any production now is a bonus. If you want teams that draft players with the hope and need they produce now, become a Jax fan they draft from need and to produce year one year after year after year. This type of perspective is why we are the best organization in football. You also have to view the draft within the context of the entire offseason and we have the best roster in the NFL.

The Patriots had the most production this last year from players not originally expected to have impact, many of these same sentiments of not being all in were applied to Jamie Collins as he was just a project. Harmon and Ryan were just Rutgers guys that were mere competition yet both had some impact and are counted in the Patriots future. Josh Boyce wasn’t and really didn’t have an impact but still has a bright future. We also had who is that guy UDFA’s contribute in KT, Kline, Joe Vellano, Chris Jones and even Ryan Allen who turned out to be a good punter and saved cap room by cutting Mesko. As I write all of this I really wonder why "In BB we trust" is so hard to do.

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