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What You All Are Saying About the Draft

Let's take the time to highlight those in our community who have put forth their opinions.

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Note: The views expressed in these FanPosts are not necessarily those of the writers or SBNation.

I get too much time up here and I thought it would be nice to highlight all of the fantastic opinions that you Pulpiteers have been putting up in the FanPosts.

PatPatriot87 tells why you should feel good about this past weekend, especially noting that the Patriots upgraded one of the weakest parts of their 2013 offense: the center and right guard positions.

SmashMouthD gives his opinion on Jimmy Garoppolo and continues to expound upon what he brings to the table, noting that the quarterback gurus Jon Gruden and Jim Harbaugh were both very big fans. SmashMouthD also offers his own evaluation of the Patriots' draft class.

gnatecolby talked about why the Patriots had a successful draft because they stuck with their strengths: drafting in the trenches.

Chris Kole dislikes how the weekend played out and offers his own draft based upon which players were available at the time (and I'd be fine with a fair amount of his choices).

freemanator comes up with a great concept: Can you beat Bill Belichick's draft? Go take the time to offer your own mock draft, following the real draft board.

You all come together to make this community great. Keep bringing all these great opinions! I know that it's easy to get a little heated when there are disagreements, but always remember that we're all Patriots fans; we just want to see the team put the best product on the field. We're just coming together with different ideas on how to create that best product.