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A Wednesday Patriots Pump Up

Feeling the hump on Hump Day? Here's a little something to get you through.

Whoa! Calm down, Bill!
Whoa! Calm down, Bill!
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

It's been almost a full week since the 2014 NFL Draft kicked off, and a lot of the initial hype has died down. The players have all been selected, the teams have made their announcements, and the rookies are all deep into their playbooks. And while there are a few mildly exciting football-related events on the horizon, for the most part there won't be a whole lot to report until the preseason kicks off in July. So if you're feeling a little down, depressed, or low on energy this afternoon, you aren't alone; we all have a long stretch of no football coming our way, and I can't imagine anyone is too happy about it.

Luckily for all of you, I'm here to boost your spirits. To give you all the action you can handle and then some. To provide you with enough pump-up fuel to last you well into the summer and beyond. I'm also here to immediately and unequivocally put to rest any lingering doubts that some of you may have regarding whether or not Dominique Easley was the right pick at #29. If there was ever any cause for concern, there certainly isn't anymore.

Just take a look at this.

Boom. That kind of excitement and unbridled enthusiasm doesn't just grow on trees. You can really feel the energy in that room, and it's very rare you see someone completely unable to contain himself like that. Hell, towards the end you can barely even hear anyone talking over all the cheering. I may have even seen a flying chest bump in there somewhere, but it's hard to tell amidst all the chaos.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go run a few laps. I'm way too amped up to sit here any longer.