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Patriots Cut Tyler Beck and I'm So Confused

The Patriots make some moves on their roster today, further proving that we know nothing.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Patriots have announced two moves, and a third has been released on Twitter.

First, the Patriots and 6th round pick, Concordia defensive end Zach Moore has come to terms with the Patriots, per his agent. Rookie deals aren't surprising anymore due to the CBA, so it's nice to see these deals get hashed out prior to the off-season getting into full swing. According to the Herald's Jeff Howe, Moore's signing bonus is a handsome $102,200.

Additionally, the team has released two players. One was long snapper Charley Hughlett, who was signed this off-season to compete with Danny Aiken for a roster spot. My guess is that undrafted free agent, and our once and future king, Tyler Ott is expected to be the main competition for this off-season.

The second move is the release of newly signed undrafted free agent tight end Tyler Beck. The Patriots signed him on Monday and they've released him four days later. Most importantly, the Patriots guaranteed his entire contract with the Patriots.

I mean, it's peanuts compared to the other signings, but the team signed Beck with a $1,500 signing bonus. No base salary. They just gave him $1,500 upfront to come in for four days, and then go in a different direction.

It's Bob Kraft's money, but this stems to a deeper question: why haven't I been invited to training camp? Coach, I'm 6'0 and I can stand on my own two feet, usually. I could've been an asset to our secondary in 2011 due to the fact that I am scientifically classified as a solid.

Oh well. Maybe it means something's in the pipes at the tight end position. Dustin Keller, please?