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Bill Belichick Makes SI's List of Most Disliked People in Sports

BREAKING NEWS! Bill Belichick isn't a likable guy!

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Our beloved coach Bill Belichick is on a lot of lists. And of those lists, most of them involve wins, championships, records, and overall greatness. When all is said and done, his name will likely be at the very top of the list of the greatest coaches in NFL history, and I for one couldn't be happier.

Today, however, Belichick finds himself on another list - the list of Sports Illustrated's 35 Most Disliked People in Sports. Coach now finds himself in such stellar company as Michael Vick, Donald Sterling, Lance Armstrong, Skip Bayless, Roger Goodell, and Alex Rodriguez. And of course, SI saw fit to give SpyGate a mention in addition to Belichick's stony personality. Oddly, there wasn't anybody who was implicated in BountyGate on this list, other than the brief mention of Roger Goodell's hand in it; I guess incentivizing serious injury isn't enough to make someone hate you. You gotta be holding a video camera in the general direction of an end zone to do that.

Honestly, seeing Belichick on this list wasn't even remotely a surprise, and not something I'm incredibly upset over; I doubt coach is going to be losing any sleep either. The reason I'm actually bringing it up right now is to once again express how much I love the fact that Bill Belichick is the coach of my team. In a world where everyone has developed such an inflated opinion of themselves that they feel the need to live Tweet lunches, post countless pictures of themselves online for others to look at and comment on, and judge their self-worth by how many Facebook friends that they have, Belichick couldn't possibly care less about any of it. You can say what you want, think what you want, write what you want, and do what you want, and you aren't going to phase the man in the slightest. Many members of the media make a career out of riling people up, tearing people down, and exposing human weakness, and Belichick simply rolls on completely oblivious to any of it without ever making apologies for how he behaves. If you don't like it, write an article on what a jackass he is. But don't work too hard, because you know he isn't going to be reading it; he's too busy winning games.

So coach, congrats on making another all-time list. The longer you're on this list, the longer the Patriots are relevant, and the more people that hate you, the better job you're doing. I look forward to several more years of highly enlightening press conferences from you.

Check out the full list here.