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Ty Law Inducted into Patriots Hall of Fame

Another Patriots legend gets ready to don the red jacket.

How are there no pictures of Ty Law in the database? Tragedy.
How are there no pictures of Ty Law in the database? Tragedy.
Jim Rogash

After over a month of voting and debate, the results are in: Ty Law is the latest inductee into the Patriots Hall of Fame. Law beat out fellow cornerback Raymond Clayborn and coach Bill Parcells in his first year of eligibility to join fellow teammates Troy Brown and Tedy Bruschi as the key members of the Dynasty Team continues taking their place in the Hall.

Law finished his career in New England with 36 interceptions, tying fellow nominee Clayborn for a franchise record. He was one of the best, if not the best, players on one of the best defenses in the NFL and was a true shutdown corner. Law is the kind of player that completely changes the way an offense approaches a gameplan, as he was able to take out an entire side of the field and render most teams' number one receivers completely ineffective. Whereas other inductees, such as Brown and Bruschi, became fan favorites as much for their attitude and work ethic as their on-field ability, Law represents a completely different caliber of player - an absolute elite talent that has the respect of some of the best defensive backs of all time and may very well find himself in the Canton conversation at some point down the line (unlikely, but you never know). Deion Sanders couldn't say enough good things about Law, and he is the reason that newest Patriot Darrelle Revis chose to wear 24. Revis credits Law as his inspiration and player he most admired growing up, so that he now gets to wear his exact jersey in attempts to bring the same kind of skillset to the field is pretty special.

Some of my favorite Ty Law memories:

  • His pick-six against Kurt Warner in Super Bowl XXXVI.
  • The time he picked off Peyton Manning.
  • The other time he picked off Peyton Manning.
  • When he intercepted Peyton Manning.
  • That other time he picked off Peyton Manning.
  • When Manning made a bad throw and Ty Law intercepted the ball.
  • When he picked off Peyton Manning three times in the playoffs.
  • All of the rest of his picks against Manning - Ty Law intercepted Peyton nine times in his career.
  • His pick six against the Titans in Week 5 of 2003 to seal the game - an interception he made on a Grade 2 ankle sprain.
  • His tackle on Steve Smith in Super Bowl XXXVIII that knocked the ball loose and forced a Panthers punt.
  • Any number of solo, open field tackles against the best and most elusive receivers in the game.

You can see all of these moments, along with a few others, here.

So congrats, Ty. Your place in history is very well deserved.

And to state the obvious: no, the picture that accompanies this article isn't Ty Law. But for some absurd reason there aren't any pictures of Law in the SB Nation database, so Bruschi it is. They both played defense, they were on the field at the same time, they are both in the Hall, and they both had a 4 on their jersey. So I guess it makes sense.