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Troy Niklas - New England Patriots Tight End Prospect

feanor82 has done a great job of compiling info on Troy Niklas

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Jonathan Daniel

feanor82 has done a mighty fine job of compiling info on Troy Niklas, a potential Patriots Tight End prospect out of Notre Dame.  My original thought was to throw them all into a stream on the front page, but it seems fan posts can't be added to a stream - or at least it won't let me add them.  Sad face.

So instead here's a set of links to his fine work:

Part1 - Troy Niklas as a pass protector

Part2 - Troy Niklas as a run blocker

Part 3 - Troy Niklas as a receiver

Troy Niklas on being a willing blocker:

And Troy Niklas relishes a pancake of a block as much as any first down.
"Oh, hell yeah," Niklas said last week. "It's those clean hits on people where you know they felt it."
He loves that sound of lost oxygen, that "umph!" of hurt.
"Oh yeah," he said. "Especially when you hit them right in the chest. That kind of takes their breath away a little bit.
"You're either the hammer or the nail. So it hurts a little bit more being the nail."