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Dr. Dre Is Buying Tom Brady's House in California

The most important news of the past week and we somehow forgot to report it. Our sincere apologies. I guess I was waiting for Detox to be released.

Larry Busacca

Earlier in the year, tight end Rob Gronkowski sold his house in Tampa for an excellent profit of 30%.

Seems like fellow teammate Tom Brady is taking a hint and following suit. Brady and Giselle sold their house in California for $48 million. They built it for $20 million back in 2012, which means they saw the price increase a tremendous 140%. Sorry, Gronk, you're small peanuts in comparison.

If you want to take a little tour, feel free to click here and see. It has eight bedrooms, a six-car garage, a giant pool, an elevator, and even a weight room that would make a few universities blush.

This is a result of Brady and Bundchen buying a $14 million condo in New York City so they could be closer to Me, probably. Their other tenants could possibly include fashion icon Vera Wang, actor Leo DiCaprio, and an univited Me, probably.

Oh, and the person who bought the California house? It was Dr. Dre. Sorry. Important fact. I must have forgotten about Dre.