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Today is the Favorite Holiday of Patriots Fans

Today marks the start of the 2014 NFL Draft and for Patriots fans, it usually means something a little more special.


Ahhh, can you smell it? There's something beautiful wafting through the air, like a delicate flower petal dancing through the wind.

Can you see it? While New York City may be overcast with a few splashes of rain, the vibrant city becomes a perfect match for a day filled with such excitement.

Can you feel it? It's electric. It's hard pounding. It's sweaty hands as the final seconds tick off the clock, ushering in the future for fans across the world.

Draft day is finally here. In one of the most star studded drafts in recent memory, pick after pick after pick will be evaluated for the player's fit, the team's need, and, of course, how big the player's hands are. I forgot to mention that it gets a little creepy.

But for us here at the Pulpit, we take this day more in stride. We can use this as an open thread for discussion throughout the day and we'll open up another one once the draft begins.

I know that I'll kick up my feet and crack open a cold one because today is the day. The draft starts today. Franchises will be saved or ruined. Championships will be built.

Today is a holiday in New England. It's a day of hope and growth and calculated decision making. And in the great tradition of New England, I know that I can't wait until our first pick of the draft on Friday. So per our annual holiday celebration, let us throw down our hats in frustration, sigh heavy melancholy sighs, and watch the other teams celebrate.

This Springtime festival is naturally paired with the Autumnal "Soy Fiesta", where we reevaluate our emotions in November after the rookies have had time to prove themselves.