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Rumor: Patriots Could Be Trading Ryan Mallett to Texans

Rumors are swirling that the Patriots could be dealing quarterback Ryan Mallett to the Houston Texans.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since former Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien took over the Houston Texans head coaching job, speculation has existed that the team could make a move at the quarterback position for one of O'Brien's former Patriots players: Ryan Mallett.  There has even been rumor that Mallett could be dealt for the 33rd pick.

As it turns out, sometimes when there's smoke, there's fire.

In the hours leading up to the draft, CSNNE's Tom Curran is reporting that a deal between the Patriots and Texans for Mallett could be in the works:

More recent reports however, have indicated that the deal does not appear imminent but that the two sides are genuinely discussing trade:

If the Patriots were to deal Mallett, it would make the back-up quarterback position an even more pressing need.  As for expected value for Mallett, it would be a total coup to take the 33rd pick from the Texans.  I wouldn't expect that to happen.  But could the Patriots get the 65th pick?  Perhaps.  That deal would still be a win from a Patriots perspective, considering they drafted him 74th in 2011 and got three years of quarterback insurance from him.