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Bill Belichick's Post Draft Press Conference Notes

Patriots GM and head coach Bill Belichick offered some thoughts on the team's first round decisions.

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

The Patriots selected Florida defensive tackle Dominique Easley at 29th overall. The Seahawks and the 49ers were both attempting to select Easley, which prevented the Patriots from trading down and away from the top prospect on their draft board.

In true Belichick fashion, he acted like he wanted to be anywhere but in front of the media. But he seems to be infatuated with Easley's natural abilities. For the sake of continuity, I'm grouping together Belichick's opinions into more coherent thoughts.

On what Belichick likes about Easley:

"He's an explosive player. Very explosive. He's a solid guy, likes football, [he's] smart. Definitely into football...he does a lot of things well. Good motor. Not much not to like about him."

On what happened at Easley's Pro Day (the member of the media probably meant to ask about the personal workout, but Belichick wasn't going to offer anything up):

"Didn't really do anything at his Pro Day, physically, but we met with him and spent a lot of time with him. Tried out some other guys."

On whether Easley is undersized to play in the NFL:

"He's played everywhere along the defensive line. It doesn't matter where you put him. You don't see a lot of guys who can do that. He lines up on the nose, on the tackle."

On whether Easley's disruptive nature is what drew Belichick to him as a player:

"Definitely. A very disruptive player. Stats were deceptive in college, where he'd be the disruptive player and someone else would make the play."

On Belichick and co's plans for the second round:

"There may be a decision if we see some stars colliding. Like what we would do if we saw two players [that we like] on the board. Some needs have been filled by some teams."