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Report: Seattle Seahawks Wanted Easley

Apparently, New England wouldn't have been able to pick up their first round selection later on in the draft.


Based on the various articles, comments, and message board trolls that have been all over the New England Patriots over the past 24 hours, it seems that there are two major knocks against them selecting Dominique Easley with the 29th overall pick. The first is that he has an injury history and his career might be cut short because of weak knees. The second is that, due to his injury history, he likely could have been had later on in the draft. However, it would appear that the latter gripe may in fact be unfounded.

According to multiple sources, the Seattle Seahawks had every intention of drafting Easley if he was still available at 32, which means that Bill Belichick either had to take him at 29 or miss out on him altogether. In fact, Seattle was so much focused on Easley that they traded out of the first round after he was off the board. Furthermore, those who were watching the cameras inside Seattle's war room couldn't help but notice that everyone in the organization was "visibly deflated" after discovering that their target pick was no longer an option. And while I still stand by my statement that at the end of the day absolutely nobody has any idea whether or not a player is going to pan out, that Easley was viewed as a great fit in the most vaunted defense in the NFL makes the pick all that much more exciting.

Can't wait to see how tonight unfolds