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Jimmy Garoppolo Already Being a Leader

The Patriots have been trying to provide some consistency with leadership at the quarterback position. Garoppolo is off to a good start.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Back on May 15th, the Patriots tagged rookie quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo as being a leader for the rookies. Not just in a figurehead fashion, but actually in charge. Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald reported that Garoppolo had to make sure the rookies were everywhere on time and that they were keeping up with learning the playbook.

It's nearly a month later and he's still putting in work as a leader. According to the Patriots beat, Garoppolo was the last player off the practice field after putting in additional time with the rookie wide receivers. NESN's Doug Kyed tagged Reese Wiggins, Wilson Van Hooser, Jeremy Gallon, and newly signed Jeremy Johnson as the receivers who stayed to put in additional time.

This is awesome. Good for Garoppolo and all the rookies (those are the four rookie wide receivers on the roster). I wonder where the rookie tight ends were (although due to the depth chart, it's possible they were receiving plenty of time with the first team lineup). Edit: According to Jeff Howe, newly signed Kyle Auffray was part of these post-practice receivers.

Reports from last week was that Garoppolo was struggling (it was his first week), but he's shown improvement. With Ryan Mallett an excused absentee, Garoppolo saw more reps and became more comfortable. Let's hope that he continues the good progress.