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EXCLUSIVE: Bill Belichick Shares Jets Playbook With the World

Bill Belichick is pure evil. He can't help but ruin the fun for everyone else. Thanks a lot, Bill.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Bill Belichick is finding himself in another scandal. It seems that he's stealing the playbooks of EVERY OTHER TEAM IN THE ENTIRE LEAGUE. Or the Jets. Or something. BUT OF COURSE IT'S BILL!

More and more teams are moving away from paper playbooks and towards electronic iPad playbooks because it's the only way to keep them safe from Belichick. I think it's because he's too old to know how to use the internets and the MyFaceGrams and whatnot. But if you have paper, you can be certain Belichick is looking over your shoulder.

This is why today's news, via Browns new head coach and former Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine, about Bill Belichick getting the Jets playbook from old friend and Alabama coach Nick Saban is so big. Belichick bends the rules, and it leads credence to the whole Patriots sleeper-cell conspiracy. So even though Saban denies this, and Rex calls it ridiculous, you can be certain I'm going to ignore their claims and supplement my own reality.

In fact, I pulled a move out of SlotMachinePlayer's book and found some pretty damning evidence. You'd be surprised what Belichick just leaves around inside his house, in his office, on the coffee table with his HomeLiving magazines.

But don't just take my word for it. Just look at the page I managed to steal borrow:


Belichick is the worst man in the league. He must be stopped.