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Mark Harrison Era Ends in a Whisper; Patriots Sign James Anderson

Patriots make a roster move to strengthen the team. Hard to disagree.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Patriots have cut eye-candy wide receiver Mark Harrison. The 6'3, 230 lbs Rutgers product with 4.3 wheels, a nigh 11 foot broad jump, and a sub-7 second three cone.

Gone. Poof.

We thought he might be the key for the Patriots offense; a little cherry on top should he succeed. He had the chance to take on the Z spot in the offense, or potentially develop into the F that has been vacant with Aaron Hernandez's incarceration.

Well, here ends the experiment. I thought they'd give the receiver more time, but it wasn't meant to be. Harrison was stashed with the Foxboro Flu last season, as he recovered from a foot injury. He didn't show enough the past few weeks to earn any more time.

The positives? The Patriots like what they're seeing from Kenbrell Thompkins, Josh Boyce, and Jeremy Gallon- or they like it more than whatever potential Harrison could have brought to the table.

The move also corresponds with the Patriots addition of linebacker James Anderson, formerly of the Chicago Bears.

Anderson led the Bears last season with 102 tackles, adding in four sacks, although Pro Football Focus rated him the league's second-worst run defending linebacker (London Fletcher!), regardless of scheme.

On the flip side, they had him as the 12th best coverage linebacker in the league, which means that he'll absolutely find himself a role in the Patriots' sub packages.

Anderson will likely find his role as the Patriots 4th linebacker, in the Dane Fletcher role, where he supplies the Patriots with someone who can start in a pinch.

No, it's not that sexy of a move, but it's a smart one that will help teams win. Harrison wasn't going to make the team, no matter how tantalizing his physicals. Anderson will be more likely to have an effect on this upcoming season.