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Pats Pulpit Site Changes

No more green!

Tom Brady sporting the site's new colors!
Tom Brady sporting the site's new colors!
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

When SB Nation switched to the new format a few years ago, they promised new changes coming.  One such change is the ability of the individual blogs to pick team specific colors for things like recommendations.

For those not familiar with recommendations, when you like a comment you can click the little rec link below the comment (next to the star - hey, maybe that can become a Pats logo in the future...), and it will indicate that you recommend the comment to others.  If the comment gets enough recommendations (currently set to three), the comment background will change color, and a small thumbs up will appear in the upper left corner.

The background color used to be a light green and the the thumbs up was a darker green.  On the Celtics blog, that was nifty, but with the Jets in the division, the less green we see on this NFL blog the better!  Anyway, Greg Knopping went to bat for the Pulpit, and we'll be seeing green no longer!

The new background color for recommendations is a light blue/grey (as close to silver as they can get).  The thumbs up is a nice, bright throwback red.  Our site, our Patriots' colors (or colours for some of our contributors).  Thank you to Greg for getting this done, and just in time for training camp!  Who knows?  Maybe this is just what the team needed to get us another Super Bowl win!  After all, it can't hurt!