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Patriots Tied for Most Active Team in Supplemental Draft

In a shocker, the Patriots ended in a tie for being the most active team in the supplemental draft.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

As Greg Knopping previously reported, the Patriots attended the private workout of Supplemental Draft candidate Lakendrick Ross. Ross is a behemoth at 6'4, 366 pounds, and a wingspan roughly the length of a Mack Truck. So it's no surprise that the Patriots tied for the most activity in this year's Supplemental Draft.

The most recent draft pick taken in the Supplemental was wide receiver Josh Gordon who is going through a whole array of issues that he needs support and help to overcome. The way the draft works is every team will submit a bid on a player they're interested in drafting, based upon what round in the draft you'd be willing to select them.

Teams are prioritized in three tiers: those with fewer than 6 wins, those who didn't make the playoffs, and then playoff teams. The team with the highest bid will receive the player, but will be forced to give up their corresponding draft pick in the following NFL Draft. As a result, the Browns bid and were forced to give up a 2nd round pick for Gordon in the 2012 Supplemental Draft.

Knowing that Belichick greatly values his draft picks, it comes as a surprise that the Patriots tied for the most supplemental draft picks out of the four eligible draft candidates.

Here's a list of the players selected:

Round 1: N/A

Round 2: N/A

Round 3: N/A

Round 4: N/A

Round 5: N/A

Round 6: N/A

Round 7: N/A

Oh, sorry. Not sure what you were expecting. No players were selected.