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Rest Assured Aaron Hernandez Won't Be In Your 2014 Patriots Calendar!

Sometimes a little research is all that is needed.

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Let's just have another month of this.
Let's just have another month of this.
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

It all started when Deadspin noticed that Aaron Hernandez was in a 2014 Gators calendar (he's Mr. July) from Turner Licensing.  It's not unusual for a school to show pictures of their star alumni.  It IS unusual for them to do it when they are in jail awaiting trial on three counts of murder in two separate incidents.  Deadspin did a good job of contacting the school and getting their side.  Basically Turner Licensing created the item, and they are licensed to do so.  No one at the school was contacted as to the content.

@NAWTADIGM @ourtwobits @uflorida and it's not from our marketing department, would be a licensed product not something we distributed

— GatorZone Football (@GatorZoneFB) June 30, 2014

CBS did a little digging and supposedly found that Aaron Hernandez is also in the Turner Licensing version of the 2014 Patriots calendar.  The article is being parroted all over the place.  I've not seen a picture from anyone actually in possession of this calendar, and apparently neither has anyone else. If you go here and click the calendar, you can navigate to what looks like a picture of Aaron Hernandez.   Worse yet, the exact same calendar is sold by the Patriots' Pro Shop.

So I decided to contact the Patriots Pro Shop, and this is their reply (emphasis mine):

Thank you for your email, however you are 100% incorrect. Our 2014 Patriots Wall calendar does not have any pictures, photos or representation of Aaron Hernandez.

Thank you,
E-Commerce Customer Service

I can't vouch for any other calendar you buy out there, but given the stance the team took in allowing people to exchange their Aaron Hernandez jerseys last year, I'm going to go out on a limb and say you can safely buy a calendar from the Patriots Pro Shop without staring at an accused murderer for a solid month.

Since the Patriots Pro Shop was so kind to respond to me so quickly, I figured I should spread the news in case anyone else was worried what their calendar might hold.  It is 100% Hernandez free.