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Patriots Flag Football: Rich's First Pick

Rich Hill is working to dethrone the reigning king. He's named his champion.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

So Greg took Darrelle Revis and Alec took Devin McCourty. Both are athletic, sure. Both are fair bets to play solid football both ways. Both can lock down the opposition in coverage and both can perform as viable weapons on offense. Both Greg and Alec decided that taking defensive backs was a wise first choice.


I used my first pick on a former defensive back. One that was too athletic and had too much potential to stay at that position. One who has mastered every layer of defense, as well as some positions on offense.

My first round pick was easy. ATH Jamie Collins. Yes, he's a linebacker. Or he's a defensive end. Maybe he's my boom-laying safety. Or he's my tight end. Maybe my fullback?

Collins can't be stopped; he can merely be contained. I definitely don't expect McCourty or Revis to hold back Collins who has fifty pounds of added muscle and is nearly as fast and explosive.

Football is getting more and more physical. Some general managers go small.

I go big. Jamie Collins goes big. Jamie Collins is about to eat the lunches of both other teams and clean up after himself because he's a true gentleman and leader on my flag football team.

I'm coming after the crown. Collins is the first piece.