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Aaron Dobson's Foot is Screwed

News has surfaced that wide receiver Aaron Dobson received a screw in his foot back in March.


The Boston Herald's Jeff Howe has reported that Patriots rising sophomore receiver Aaron Dobson received a screw in his foot during his March 10th surgery to repare a fracture on the 5th metatarsal. This news is important because it sheds some light on the severity of the injury.

Dobson was on pace for a top 25% season for a rookie receiver through an extremely consistent first half of the season (50 receptions and 700 yards is top 25% production), but he fractured his foot against the Denver Broncos and reinjured it later in the season. His future is clearly bright if he can remain healthy as the Patriots expect him to be an integral part of their offense as they move forward.

The screw in his foot is to help with the recovery process, although it adds some time until he's allowed to return. Initial projections of a 2-3 month recovery timeline are now expanded to 4-6 months of recovery for those with screws in their feet. This places Dobson on schedule, with the expectation for a return in August. He shouldn't miss any time in the season.

The Patriots will not be rushing Dobson back to the field prematurely. Hopefully his recovery is smooth and he'll pick up right where he left off.