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Patriots Flag Football: Rich's Second Pick

Rich's team is about to listen to Mama and knock the other team's out.


We all know that Tom Brady can't throw the ball if he's under pressure up the middle. It's his kryptonite. The other teams are thinking too much. I'm thinking too smart. Automatic defense Dominique Easley is about to pair up with the Patriots top pass rusher to give Brady nightmares and cause him to turtle. Chandler Jones is here to take him down.

So Greg can have Darrelle Revis and Julian Edelman. Alec can have Devin McCourty and Rob Gronkowski. I'll take Jamie Collins and Chandler Jones to punch them in the mounth.

Jones is six foot five, approximately 110% muscle, and 120% likely to do a terrible dance over the opposing quarterback. With Jones next to Easley, Brady won't have any time to throw the ball, while Collins can be the roving middle linebacker to take away any quick outlets. Oh, and Jones dropped into coverage 31 times last season, so he's only mostly a one trick pony.

Maybe more importantly, take a look at this. It's Syracuse's commitments from 2008. Find Chandler Jones.

You'll notice he was a tight end recruit. Multiple Division I programs, like Pittsburgh and UConn, were recruiting him to play tight end, but he choose Syracuse because he wanted to play defense. Still, he averaged a team best 17.4 yards per reception at tight end in high school.

Jones is going to play on the interior on both offense and defense, but he's going to be another versatile weapon for my team. He's going to make Brady's life miserable while on defense, and he's going to still be useful on offense.

Round two. Point: Me.