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Patriots Flag Football: Greg’s Second Pick

After adding the top defensive player on the Patriots roster, Greg follows up by adding an unstoppable option on offense.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

With the first pick in the 2014 Patriots Flag Football Draft, I opted to forgo selecting the top offensive player in the draft by selecting the only player that could legitimately shut him down: Darrelle Revis.


My theory was that since Revis could shut down the best offensive weapon the Patriots have in Julian Edelman (not counting Gronk, who isn't exactly the prototype weapon you'd want in flag football), then there was no justification to select Edelman with my first pick. If Alec or Rich had selected Revis, there would be no way to argue that I'd have the match-up advantage.


But then something awesome happened. Alec went back to his roots with his selection of Devin McCourty, and Rich continued the run on defensive players with Jamie Collins.


And with that, I'm left with the best offensive weapon that the Patriots can offer in flag football: Julian Edelman.


Edelman is a flag football coach's dream. He can play literally any spot on the field - outside, inside, from the backfield. With his experience at quarterback, I can even come up with some creative trick plays. His straight line speed is rather underrated, but there's no one left on defense that can keep up with his quickness while running the route tree.


There's also the fact that Edelman will be catching passes from Tom Brady. And perhaps outside of Gronk, there's no other receiving option on the Patriots who has that kind of chemistry with #12.


Lastly, Edelman is no slouch on defense. He has exceptional quickness, and lots of experience playing the cornerback position from 2011, where at times he was the Patriots' top nickelback.


With the top player on offense and defense on my roster, I feel more confident than ever in defending my title as Patriots' flag football champ.


Greg's Picks:


1. Darrelle Revis
2. Julian Edelman