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Aaron Dobson Tentative for Patriots Training Camp

The Patriots were unsure of whether or not they would have Aaron Dobson for training camp. The signs are starting to show up positive.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Here's the story. I wasn't a fan of the Aaron Dobson selection. Until I was. He started the season injured and ended the season injured. And then I was overly optimistic about his sophomore season. There were even reports of Dobson heading out west this off-season to train with Tom Brady. How could you not be excited?

That's when news broke that Dobson's foot injuries during the season were more serious than initially anticipated. He underwent surgery March 10th to fix the problem with the expectation that he would be sidelined through May- June at the latest.

It's now July and the anticipation for his return is tepid at best. The feeling for his July 24th training camp return is supremely lukewarm.

Sure, there are reports of optimism from Dobson's camp, but the fact remains that his return is still uncertain nearly four months after his initial surgery. Hopefully more positive information will surface in the next two weeks leading into camp.