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NFL 95 Looks at Adam Vinatieri's Snow Bowl Shoes

MMQB takes a look at another Patriots artifact: the shoes that kicker Adam Vinatieri wore on the Snow Bowl against the Oakland Raiders.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past couple of months, MMQB has been running their "NFL 95" series, which takes a look at 95 important NFL "artifacts" as the league enters its 95th season.  This morning, they featured the shoes worn by former Patriots placekicker Adam Vinatieri from their 2002 AFC Divisional Playoff match-up against the Oakland Raiders:

It's a nice look at what is a franchise defining moment for the Patriots.  Earlier in the series, they also put the spotlight on Tom Brady's draft card.

Of course, I referred to the game as the "Snow Bowl" while Greg Bedard of Sports Illustrated refers to it as the "Tuck Rule Game."  In fact, Wikipedia even calls the match-up the "Tuck Rule Game" before the "Snow Bowl."  This brings up another interesting debate.  As Patriots fans, should we be referring to the game as the "Tuck Rule Game" or the "Snow Bowl?"  Is there a negative connotation attached to the "Tuck Rule" moniker?