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Live AFC East Roundtable Discussion TONIGHT at 9 PM

Come join us tonight at 9 PM Eastern for a live AFC East roundtable discussion!

Tonight at 9 PM EST, the four SB Nation Blogs that represent the AFC East will be getting together over at Buffalo Rumblings for a roundtable discussion about the offseason, the upcoming 2014 league year, and any other news that may come up.

I will be joining Matt Warren of Buffalo Rumblings, Scott Salmon of Gang Green Nation, and Kevin Nogle of The Phinsider, where we will all be taking questions from all four communities as well as discussing the overall climate of our fellow division rivals. Anyone with a specific question for one of the four participants can leave it in the comments section, either here or over at BR, or on Twitter with the hashtag #BRLive.

This is a great chance to get together with fans of other teams in the AFC East and talk football before things get too heated between us. So let's keep it friendly and free of any unnecessary trolling, as at the moment we're all on the same team here: Team We Want Football to Start. So stop on by, ask some questions, and let's have a great talk.