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Happy Birthday, Tommy B!

It isn't a national holiday yet...but give it time.

Jamie Squire

Exactly 37 years ago today, one Thomas Edward Patrick Brady was born to loving parents Galynn and Thomas Brady, Sr. A mere 23 years later, the New England Patriots took a flyer on him in the 6th round of the 2000 NFL Draft, and almost every August 3rd since then has been cause for celebration in the New England area.

Sure, 37 isn't young anymore, but as of yet Tommy B has shown no signs of slowing down or stopping. And while I' sure that whatever attention the sports outlets give to Brady's birthday today (however much it is, it won't be enough) will also accompany that talk with some form of the ol' "Brady's window is closing" nonsense, all I know is he's in great shape, throwing the ball well, and plans on celebrating his special day by hitting the practice field and continuing to develop a rapport with his receivers. Not a bad way to spend it.

It's just too bad that Brady's bday comes right in the middle of training camp, as it makes it difficult for him to have a party. That's obviously why I haven't been invited to celebrate with him as of yet; he's just too busy with practices and whatnot. I get it, and I appreciate that the team comes first. But just so you know, Tommy - my offer to throw you a party in May still stands. Just say the word. You have my number.

And my email address.

And my home address.

And my suit size.

Happy birthday, Tom. Hope this year brings you as much joy as you've brought us.