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Could the Patriots Move Sebastian Vollmer to Guard?

In the wake of the Logan Mankins trade, one report suggests that the Patriots are considering moving right tackle Sebastian Vollmer to left guard.

Timothy T. Ludwig-US PRESSWIRE

In this Saturday morning's first "you didn't see it coming news," Ben Volin of the Boston Globe is reporting that the Patriots are considering a move of veteran right tackle Sebastian Vollmer to left guard, with Marcus Cannon sticking at right tackle:

This would be an unexpected, albeit curious move by the Patriots in the wake of the Logan Mankins trade.

Sebastian Vollmer is one of the best right tackles in the game, one that would also probably be one of the league's better left tackles if he played that position consistently.  So why move him inside?

For one, it could be that the team projects Marcus Cannon better at right tackle than they do either guard spot.  Personally, I've liked Cannon at guard, but the Patriots coaching staff likely thinks otherwise.

Another thought to consider: the 6'8" Vollmer is superior in pass protection to Cannon. Logan Mankins struggled in this area in 2013, as the Patriots allowed a lot of pressure up the middle in general.  Perhaps the team thinks that they could survive with Cannon at right tackle, and would benefit more from having Vollmer inside.

Marcus Cannon has also been more durable than Vollmer. It's possible that the Patriots see guard as an easier position to fill if Vollmer were to go down, and would instead prefer to refine Cannon as a tackle.

What are your thoughts on this potential move?