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Tom Brady is Impossible

Some may point to John Elway or Peyton Manning as the best comeback quarterback of all time. But Tom Brady's the only miracle worker.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Brady and the Patriots offense have found themselves down 10 or more points with 6 minutes left in the 4th quarter 31 times in their history. 26 of those games were in the regular season, while 5 came in the playoffs. Peyton Manning's found himself in that situation 37 times since 1999. Drew Brees has been there 52 times.

In these scenarios, teams will find themselves with win probabilities of 0.00%, or darn close to it. These comebacks shouldn't happen; of the 2,363 games since 1999 where a team has had a 10 point lead with 6 minutes to go, 2,298 have finished as expected- the leading team wins. That's 97.2% (which seems to go against the 0.00% probability, but I'm sure way more factors are included in that mathematical cocktail).

Based upon those odds, Brady is expected to have made 0.85 of these miracle comebacks, or less than one. The fact of his 31 opportunities, Brady and the Patriots have comeback to win five times? The football gods must have him in their good graces.

Of course, Pro Football Reference lets us do a quick rundown on which teams have come back to do the impossible. No quarterback since 1999 has pulled off a miracle more than the Patriots own Tom Brady.

Brady's legend started early, generating his first of these attempts in his third start ever. The Patriots were down 26-16 after the punter fumbled the snap, allowing the Chargers to return the ball for a touchdown. Brady led a field goal and a touchdown drive to force overtime before driving for another field goal to seal the game.

Touchdown Tom pulled off the feat twice in 2002, coming back from down 30-19 against the Bears and down 24-13 against the Dolphins.

These three comebacks would have been enough to tie Brady for the most since 1999. To restate, no other quarterback has comeback more than three times. Brady has comeback five times.

The two most recent examples were the Monday Night miracle against the Bills, which needed a fumble on a kick return to pull off an upset in Brady's first game after knee surgery, and last season's game against the Cleveland Browns which needed an onside kick coversion.

There are a ridiculous amount of factors that are needed to bounce in a comeback team's way. Defenses, special teams, and coaching all play a tremendously important role. Peyton, Eli Manning, Matthew Stafford, Shane Matthews, and Vinny Testaverde are the other quarterbacks to pull off three comebacks. Drew Brees has two (and so does Tim Tebow and Rex Grossman and six others).

But Tom has five. That's pretty much impossible.