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Alec Shane to Appear on HAIL! Radio After the Game

Tune in to HAIL Radio after the Patriots vs. Redskins preseason game to hear what Alec Shane has to say regarding how it went.

Patrick Smith

My mother always told me that I had a face for radio. I wasn't quite sure what she meant at the time, and I honestly didn't really get it in earnest until my first middle school dance, but ultimately it's hard to take too much offense at the truth.

And now, I finally get to make mommy proud.

After the game, be sure to tune in to  HAIL! Radio, a subfacet of the Redskins site, to hear yours truly give a Patriots perspective on the matchup. We'll be talking who stood out, who didn't, overall impressions, and anything else that might come to mind regarding the game. It may only be the first of what are four completely meaningless games in August, but that doesn't mean we can all read way too much into everything and overanalyze every single decision that was made out there tonight.

So if you have some free time after the game and want to hear my highly astute and completely accurate thoughts on how the Patriots looked, you can head over to HAIL! after the final whistle blows and have a listen. I'll be back after the game with the link to the broadcast.

BROADCAST LINK: I'll be on at around 11 PM EST.