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Week 1 Patriots vs Dolphins: GIF of the Week

Vote on the Patriots best play from Week 1 against the Dolphins

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

The Patriots didn't pull out a win, but they still managed to produce a few noteworthy plays. Which was your favorite from the day?

Jamie Collins is a human missile


Before everything went downhill, the defense looked like it could be the smashmouth unit we had all been predicting during the off-season. It started with Collins annihilating receiver Mike Wallace on the Dolphins first long drive. He puts the helmet on the ball as Wallace is trying to switch hands to get away from Jerod Mayo and knocks the ball free. It's effortlessly beautiful.

And the Mayo barrel roll.

Alfonzo Dennard is the team's best receiver


When's the last time you saw a Patriots wide receiver high point a ball like that and come down with it? A better quarterback would have had a touchdown (and why was Dennard, who doesn't have wheels, in island coverage on Mike Wallace?), but Dennard took advantage of a lousy throw.

Lamar Miller's shoe reaches orbit


Another turnover and this was spectacular. Logan Ryan planted his forearm and helmet into the ball to pop it loose and Darrelle Revis was able to come up with the recovery. Oh, and Dolphins running back Lamar Miller's shoe pops up and doesn't land until after the play is over.

Welcome back Gronk


Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has had a rough time recovering from injuries, but that couldn't prevent him from scoring a touchdown in his first game back. While the spikes only receives a score of 7/10, it signified much, much more.