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Running Back Adrian Peterson Turning Himself Into Authorities

Breaking news that can change the landscape of the league. Let's hope this is just noise.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has turned himself into authorities after being indicted by a grand jury for injury to a child. Thew news stems from him allegedly being involved with "reckless or negligent endangerment of a child." Peterson was at practice today, but has turned himself in and is expected to fully comply.

Peterson has a house in Texas in the county where he is indicted.

Fox Sport's Jay Glazer believes that Peterson's status for Sunday is now unclear. Peterson testified in front of the jury a few weeks ago. It is believed that the "reckless or negligent endangerment" was due to Peterson beating his son.

Peterson is an All Pro and likely future hall of fame running back. The Vikings are playing the Patriots on Sunday.

Let's hope that there isn't serious injury to any child and let's await for further details to come out. This is the last thing that anyone wants.