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TV Star Ann Dowd Models Character After Bill Belichick

It seems as if Bill Belichick's coaching tree is reaching the silver screen.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

How about some lighter notes?

I don't watch Showtime's "Masters of Sex" or HBO's "The Leftovers", but I have heard good things about the former (and that the latter should be put to bed). Regardless, the Massachusetts-raised Ann Dowd has roles in both and her character in Leftovers is most similar to a familiar face.

"After about the third episode or so [of Leftovers], [my character] Patti kept reminding me of someone and I couldn’t figure out who it was," Dowd explained, in an e-mail. "Finally it dawned on me that it was Bill Belichick, whom I watched countless times during Patriot games and always liked. And for these reasons: his stoicism, that he seems full of secrets, that he doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him."

Dowd goes on to define her character as someone with "nothing to lose", or more appropriately that all is already lost. That's in stark contrast to Belichick who coaches like he has everything to gain.

Belichick's probably the last person on the roster that anyone would expect to appear in a television show or movie. Except that he already has.

Stoic is not the right description.