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New England Patriots Numbers from the Game

Here's a few key numbers from an early take on the game.

Ridley rushes for over a hundred yards and a score.
Ridley rushes for over a hundred yards and a score.
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports


Number of times Tom Brady lost the ball.    Last week he threw no picks, but fumbled the ball away twice.  This is also the turnovers for the whole team.  Edelman put the ball on the ground once, and it was recovered by Dan Connolly.  Ridley's hands were glued to the ball all day long.


Number of sacks taken by Tom Brady, down from 4 the previous week.  The line did a better job of protecting Brady even if it took as many as 7 linemen to do it.  BTW, 1 is also our net wins on the season, and it sure feels good to get one in the W column.


Number of times Matt Cassel completed passes to Patriots defenders.  He threw one poorly placed pass to Darrelle Revis for his first pick as a Pat.  One pick was deflected off of his intended receiver and scooped up by Dominique Easley.  The other two were terrific plays by Logan Ryan and Devin McCourty who was a yard shy of taking it to the house.  BTW, 4 is also the turnover differential.


Number of times poor Matt Cassel ate the turf, up from just 1 sack the week before.  Chandler Jones and Dont'a Hightower each amassed 2 sacks.  Rob Ninkovich and Kyle Arrington earned one apiece.


Number of receptions by Edelman (6/7 for 86%) and Gronk (4/6 for 66%).  The big two accounted for 67% of receptions on the day.  Dobson (1/2), Hooman (1/1) and Vereen (1/2) each pulled in one pass apiece.  James Develin was 2 for 2 on the day.


Number of points contributed by the offense - both off of turnovers generated by the defense.  One passing TD and one rushing TD; same as last week.  Part of the lack of passing emphasis in the second half was the Pats having a healthy lead and using the running game to burn time off of the clock.  Still not a lot of juice on the offense.


Number of penalties on the Patriots.  I'm pretty sure this set a record for the Belichick era.  Fifteen is also the number of completed passes by Brady.


Number of points off of turnovers.  Two picks turned into Edelman and Ridley touchdowns.  A third pick turned in to a Gostkowski field goal.


Number of points contributed by special teams.  Ghost was perfect on the day with three extra points and three field goals.  Chandler Jones blocked one field goal returned it for a TD.


Number of pass attempts by Tom Brady.  He completed 15 for a 68.2% completion rating.


Point differential, up from -13 points last week.  Offense, defense, and special teams were all involved and all improved.


Points unanswered after going down by 7 points on the first drive.  Things were looking glum for a little while there, but the Pats righted the ship and smooth sailing followed.


Rushing attempts for 150 yards.  That's 25 for 101 by Stevan Ridley alone, who was a workhorse churning out the tough yards at 4 yards a clip.  He was spelled by Brandon Bolden who rushed 4 times for a net 0 yards - that's STILL an improvement on Laurence Maroney aka DDR.


The opposing quarterback's passer rating, down from 79.9 last week.  Matt Cassel had a reunion with the Patriots, but much of it occurred in his backfield.


Tom Brady's quarterback rating, up from 69.7 last week.  When Brady was slinging it early, he looked pretty sharp.  As the Patriots switched to run only later in the game, he looked bored.