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Bill Belichick Goes Belichick on Rob Gronkowski's Status

Bill Belichick pumped the brakes on Rob Gronkowski's declaration that he would play Sunday against the Dolphins.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Speaking with reporters yesterday, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski stated that he was "ready to go" and would be playing in the team's season opener against the Dolphins.

Not so fast Rob! That's not your call. You're questionable, darn it. Questionable. It's always questionable.

Now, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has had to pump the brakes on the "Gronkowski cleared to play talk."

"Well, I'm glad that Rob's optimistic about his situation. We'll go through the week of practice and take a look at everything, everybody and see where everybody is at and do what we feel like is best for the team. With all due respect to Rob, I'm glad he feels the way he does but in the end, we'll have to make the decision that we feel is best for the team and we'll do that as we go through the week."

This hits 10/10 on the "Typical Belichick Comment" scale. Vague, monotone, slightly irritated. But don't worry, Rob Gronkowski will be playing Sunday against the Dolphins. We don't know how much or in what role, but he'll be playing. Belichick just needed to say and do these things to maintain his pristine tight-lipped image keep Gronk's status a secret.

And in case you were wondering... yes... Gronkowski will be listed as questionable when the injury report is released on Friday.