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The Patriots Offensive Line Needs to Re-Shuffle the Deck

After three consecutive weeks of poor offensive line play, the Patriots need to self-reflect to find a better answer.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Is there an offensive lineman you feel particularly strong about?


After another poor showing, it seems as if the Patriots need to adjust all along the offensive line. Tom Brady has had no time in the pocket- or no pocket to step into- and whatever magic to run the ball the line figured out against the Vikings seems to not work outside of Minnesota.

Who do you trust?

Left tackle Nate Solder has a bright future, but he's been an undeniable concern this entire year. After poor reports during camp and the preseason, he still hasn't put it all together. He played well enough last season- where did that Solder go?

Left guard Marcus Cannon is showing that he doesn't have the quickness needed to play inside of a phone booth. He has the strength to handle bull rushes, but as soon as a lineman dips to go under his arms, he gets spun around.

Center Dan Connolly? Historically the weak link. If he's the strength of the line right now, so be it- but that should be cause for concern, not celebration.

Right guard Jordan Devey was benched late in the game against the Raiders. That's all you need to know.

Right tackle Sebastian Vollmer looked awful in his first game back against Cameron Wake and the Dolphins, but since then he's played well enough.

Rookie Bryan Stork was plugged into center for the first time once the coaches pulled Devey from the game. Veteran Ryan Wendell was the top option, but has been sidelined with a leg injury. Guard Josh Kline has been a no-show, even though his performance can't be much different than Devey's (and if it's worse, you have to wonder what other options are on the street).

This line was supposed to thrive against the Raiders and instead it couldn't string together a complete game.

Cannon might honestly be best fit at tackle, or at least on the right side of the line. Connolly has proven that he can be good enough at all three interior line spots. Give Stork the reigns at center. Maybe flip Vollmer and Solder (although the merits of "blind side" are overblown).

Something has to change. Someone has to step up. Someone needs to improve.

Or better yet, someone needs to call Dante Scarnecchia.