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Week 3 Patriots vs Raiders: GIF of the Week

The Patriots sneaked out with a victory at home, but there were some memorable plays on the day. Vote for your favorite!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In week 1, Jamie Collins' spear fumble was voted the play of the week, even though the orbit shoe probably should have won. Last week, Chandler Jones's kick block and return for a touchdown was the runaway victor.

This week was one of the more difficult to highlight. The offense was unexciting and unable to move the ball. The defense wasn't forcing turnovers or creating big plays. We had to squeeze a tired fruit.

Still, there were some positive plays. Vote on your favorite!

Mark Wahlberg Doesn't Care


There are a few things to question about this one. First, Rob Gronkowski scores a touchdown. Hooray! But for whatever reason, the camera person decides to cut away from the Gronk spike and go to the owner's booth? Why? That's, like, 80% of the reason why Gronk is thrown in the red zone. For his spikes.

But as we go to the booth, we receive a beautiful glimpse into the power structure of the NFL. The players dance on the gladiatorial field for the amusement of the owners. The owners beg for approval from celebrities. Mark Wahlberg doesn't care. He's just chewing a hotdog or something.

Tap-tap, goes Bob Kraft. Please acknowledge me. Tap-tap.

Wahlberg don't care.

Julian's Edelcoptor


Yes, I believe every Patriots fan had a heart attack when Julian Edelman went up and landed on his head. It was not needed. He wasn't getting a touchdown. Edelman is basically the only thing keeping this Patriots offense moving. He's Tom Brady's first read on almost every single play and that's not a joke.

Edelman goes up and comes down on the top of his head. Remember that last week he practiced with a back issue from, you know, landing on his head against the Vikings. Jules don't care.

C'mon Jules. Smarten up. The Pats need you.

Tom Brady Doesn't Care And Will Rush You


Tom Brady is probably fed up at this point. He seemed genuinely uninterested in the first half and his clock management to close the second quarter was abysmal.

Something clicked towards the end of the game, though. You could see the recognition in his eyes and body language when Shane Vereen ran to the right end, found nothing, and then decided to come back to the left. Brady almost sat this play out, but saw that Vereen needed something to get a few yards.

This was the reckless play of a practice squad wide receiver trying to get attention in the fourth game of the preseason. This isn't the play of a venerable quarterback, an elder statesman with the mobility of a vending machine.

Whatever. Brady don't care. Maybe we need "F-You" Brady for the rest of the year.

Vince Wilfork Saves Game; Rob Ninkovich Has Heart Attack


It seems as if the defensive line consists of pinball wizards. A week after Dominique Easley's impressive interception, Vince Wilfork decided to show the young fella how it's done. Rob Ninkovich will get credit for the pass break-up, even though the Raider receive just lost focus. Logan Ryan deserves some credit because his face mask's curvature aligned perfectly with the deflection.

And then there's Big Vince who had himself one heck of a game. The best part of the play is how he hurdles Ninkovich. Wilfork knows he's not taking it to the house. Just get down on the ground, but not on your own player.

"Thank god he didn't land on me," Ninkovich said after the game. "I might not be here."

For that, Vince, we are all thankful.