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Vince Wilfork's Interception is the Best Defensive Play of the Week

The Patriots sealed a victory against the Raiders with an unlikely interception. It turned out to be the most impactful defensive play of the week.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

You all voted Vince Wilfork's interception as the Week 3 Play of the Game. Turns out, it was one of the most important plays in the entire league.

According to Advanced Football Analytics (via Deadspin), Wilfork's interception reduced the Raiders chance of victory by 29%, the biggest reduction in the entire league.

The probability is calculated off of historical data, factoring in down, distance, line of scrimmage, and a whole array of other factors and it certainly matches the eye test. There was no way for the Raiders to beat the Patriots after the interception, barring a subsequent fumble.

Major props to Rob Ninkovich for the timely hit, Logan Ryan for the footsteps to distract the receiver (as well as a well-placed facemask), and Wilfork for the unreal athleticism. This one play changed the entire shape of the game.

Let's hope that this Monday against the Chiefs doesn't come down to such a necessary play at the end of the game.