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Week 4: Sunday Games Open Thread

Come discuss Sunday's game on the open thread with the rest of the Pulpiteers

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Patriots won't be suited up until tomorrow, but the rest of the league will be busy today. Here's the schedule for the day:

1:00 PM EST

Bills at Texans - The return of Super Mario Williams. Let's root for the Texans to send the Bills back to the bottom of the division.

Panthers at Ravens - Receiver Steve Smith faces off against his old team. He says there will be "blood and guts everywhere."

Packers at Bears - Rivalry week and few rivals are more storied. Should be a good game.

Lions at Jets - Another morning game for an AFC East team. Naturally we're rooting for the Lions. Full disclosure: I have Joique Bell and Reggie Bush on fantasy teams and I want them each to go for 200+ yards and eight touchdowns. Yes, I know the Jets have an elite run defense.

Titans at Colts - Rivalry week and few rivals are less storied. Should be

Dolphins at Raiders...kinda - The jolly ol' England match-up! The Raiders scared the Patriots in Gillette, so maybe they can take a game from the Dolphins across the pond.

Buccaneers at Steelers - Two teams heading opposite directions. Not much at stake as far as we're concerned, but should be a good game if you like scoring.

4:05 PM EST

Jaguars at Chargers - West coast game explains the time. Should be a slaughter by the Chargers. Blake Bortles should be at the helm, so that will be fun.

4:25 PM EST

Falcons at Vikings - Teddy Bridgewater will get his first start against the red hot Matt Ryan and the Falcons. Should be a shootout.

Eagles at 49ers - The premier game of the weekend, in my opinion. The 49ers are one of the best first half teams and one of the worst second half teams; Eagles are the exact opposite. Should be a fun game.

8:30 PM EST

Saints at Cowboys - The Rob Ryan game. Two explosive offenses and questionable defenses. Sunday Night Football for a reason. Lots of points.