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Story of Two Halves: Tom Brady's Terrible Performance

Tom Brady is one of the worst quarterbacks in the league. It seems as if the season is over. Wait, what year is this?

Dilip Vishwanat

The Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is listed as one of the worst in the league. The only player separating him from the bottom of the league in yards per passing attempt is the poor rookie quarterback of the team the Patriots faced in week 3.

When looking at passer rating, Brady ranks the 4th lowest in the entire league, with divisional foe Geno Smith one of the unlucky few that's managed to produce worse. Brady's completion rate is abysmal (at the bottom of the league), and in a year where offensive records are shattered left and right, the Patriots are left behind in the dust.

Luckily, Brady and the Patriots managed to right the ship and finish the season with the only statistical difference between Brady and Peyton Manning being the latter running up the score with passing touchdowns, while the former handed the ball off in blowouts against the Ravens and Bills.

Sorry, I was talking about 2013.

As Patriots fans, we shouldn't forget last season, when Brady and the offense just wasn't on the same page. Halfway through the season, Brady ranked at the bottom of the league in most categories, with Derek Carr taking Mike Glennon's spot (who the Patriots didn't actually face). In fact, Brady's second quarter of the season (games 5 through 8) yielded the worst passer rating in the entire league.

While the offense was dysfunctional for different reasons (young receivers versus young offensive line), the team eventually pulled it all together and made a run in the playoffs. Don't count out this Patriots team so early in the season. This offense likely won't pull together before the midway point of the year, but if everyone stays healthy a strong back-nine isn't out of the realm of possibility.

The return of Rob Gronkowski jumpstarted the offensive output, as did the emergence of a running game- neither of which have been a major player this season. Gronk is almost back to being an every-down player and he'll hopefully have all the rust knocked off by mid-year. Hopefully the coaching staff will realize that a strong running game should be the immediate priority.

This season is far from over. Don't count out a comeback.