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Patriots Tom Brady Flagged with Calf Injury on Injury Report

The Patriots are crossing their fingers that Tom Brady's calf injury isn't a concern.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots released their injury report and there's not much to change.

Tight end Rob Gronkowski was limited with his knee. Defensive linemen Chris Jones (ankle), Sealver Siliga (hand), and Michael Buchanan (ankle) were all limited as well.

There was one new addition, and it might raise the alarm for certain Patriots fans.

Back-up field goal holder Tom Brady did not practice due to a calf injury. Brady is renowned for his mobility and speed and any injury to his calf is definite reason for concern. It's no coincidence that the Patriots brought back the more experienced long snapper Danny Aiken to compensate for whatever change will occur in the field goal holding process.

Brady is expected to be listed as Probable on the injury report until the 2018 season.

Seriously, though, sources say that Tom Brady will be available for Sunday's season opener and the calf injury was just a precaution. He still reviewed film and took part in the game review. The real question is how severe the calf injury was (just a cramp? Did he pull something?) and if it will impact his throwing motion.